Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas...

Slowly, but surely things are starting to look like the Holidays
around here.  The decorations are still slowly coming out
and the glitter and snow are speckled all over the floor.

Austin and Scott helped me put out the Snow Village
and Jackson, Bless his heart, can NOT keep his little hands
out of the snow...so needless to say it is sprinkled all over the floor.

The farm sits on the Entry Way table.
The little animals in the farm are rearranged daily...

All of the houses give off such a light glow.
I started collecting the Department 56 Original Snow Village houses
when Scott and I were married 17 years ago. 
We have not bought any for the last
few years because I am running out of places to put them.

This row sits across the top of the Entertainment Center
in the Great Room.

I just love the detail that is put into each one.
They take me back to the "small towns" with all of the streets
lined with wreath covered windows and the festive lights attached to
the city light poles.
I love the holidays!!!

Main Street sits across the top of the Buffet

These sit across the counter top in the Butler's Pantry.
The hedges and wrought iron fence look a little crooked...
Hmmm...wonder who had a hand in that!

Slowly but surely, we are decking the Halls and
getting in the Holiday Spirit!  As much as I have complained about
Jackson and my snow...I do need to go and buy some more.
Apparently, I have gotten lazy in the past when packing up
the Snow Village and have just resorted to sucking this stuff up
with the Vacuum.   There was not enough to go around this year.

Jackson and I are planning on putting out a few more
decorations today.  Our Elf on the Shelf "Russell" has
not arrived yet...he usually comes on the first of December,
so hopefully we'll have the house all ready for his arrival...
He needs some Christmas Cheer to play in...

Off to decorate...have a wonderful day!

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  1. Your village is wonderful, Sandra!

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Missouri during Christmas!

    J is really craving snow!:-)

  2. I have the original snow village too. Yes, no more room for them. I think this year, I may let my daughter's split up my town pieces and I'll just keep the houses and church. They have their own homes now, they might like to start themselves.