Thursday, November 4, 2010

50 Days 'Till Christmas!!!!


I am usually more prepared for the holidays by now,
but for some reason I am WAY behind on Christmas shopping!

Austin did sit down and start making a list the other day

First item on his list... iPad...
He started saving for one at his last birthday...
and he's held on to that big fat wad of cash since July.
I am proud of him for that!
He is usually like me...
in one hand and out the other!

So, I'm sure if Santa doesn't bring one...
(and Santa's not holding his breath on that one)
Austin will be adding cold, hard CASH to his wish list
so he can top off the piggy bank for this one!

Sad thing is...Jackson already knows how to use one, too.
He'll sit with Uncle Rick and play with his...
what ever happened to bicycles and blocks for Christmas?

Anyway...50 days!!!!
And yesterday my mailbox looked like this...

I love November!!!
I love spending the evenings when the boys are in bed
looking through all the mail order catalogs!
I may not order from half of them, but I love
to look through and get ideas!
Although, this year I may be ordering more than I have
in the past...
Scott is getting ready to travel and I'll be here with both boys!
I may need to call in some babysitting favors
in order to get things done!
(If my sweet, wonderful, best mother in the world isn't able
to come stay with me, hint, hint...nudge, nudge...)

Well, better get off of here and get shopping!!!


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