Friday, August 21, 2009

Traveling on Down the Road...

All right, bear with me! Remember we were gone for two weeks! Also, these are just the highlights, I could bore you with many, many, MANY more photos from our trip. I'll save them for the scrapbook!

We left Mt. Rushmore and traveled to the Crazy Horse Memorial. One of the sculptors that worked on Mt. Rushmore was asked by the Lakota Indians to make a memorial to their hero, Crazy Horse. It is still a work in progress. It was started by only one man. His children (i think he had 14-- some unreal number) were raised living at the base of this mountain and grew up learning how to carry on his project. The white sculpture in the photo is what the mountain will look like when they are done. It would be neat to go back to see it one day when it is completed. The unique thing about this is that it is not funded with any government money. All of the supplies are and always have been bought with private donations. That is one reason that it is taking so long to complete.

We left the Crazy Horse Memorial and traveled through Custer State Park. It was really beautiful and we saw lots of wildlife. This was the view from one of the lookout points. Beauty for as far as the eye could see.

There was a lot of wildlife! Check out this rare "wild animal"

And this little wild one! I tried to get the paci out of his mouth (mom) but he turned even wilder when I tried to take it away!

We all cracked up when we saw this sign in the park. We passed it after we had been sitting on the side of the road watching a buffalo walk leisurely through the pasture. We thought it was funny because you know if they have to post a sign to remind people to NOT approach them it means that someone had tried and it didn't end up favorably!!!

We rounded out the day at the Mammoth Dig in Hot Springs, SD. We figured that since we had visited Hot Springs, AK on our last trip we should visit a city with the same name. There was an active fossil digging site that we visited while we were there. It was pretty neat. The boys really enjoyed it. Austin got to carry around a jaw bone of a mammoth and let everyone see just how BIG their jaws were. He was excited to be part of the action.

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