Saturday, May 23, 2009

School's Out For Summer!!!!

Austin had his end of the year party yesterday so he is (un)officially OUT!!! The higher grades have to go back next week for semester tests but the younger kids are done and grades are in so the teachers said they do not have to come back. He is ready for lots of fun this summer! Cub Scout Day Camp, Vacation Bible School, and one pretty cool vacation are on the books!! Here are a couple of snap shots from Awards Day and the party!

Austin getting his award for all "A's" this year. Coach Duke was giving out all of the awards this year.

Austin and Mrs. Stanford. She has been their teacher's assistant for the last two years. She has been a lot of fun and great for the kids.

Here is Austin and Miss Robinson. He wouldn't let me take their picture on the first day of school but he gave in and let me take it on the last day of school!

This was the BEST cookie. We have a new Nestle Toll House in town and they make GIANT cookies.... it was sooo yummy!

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