Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jackson's First Sleepover

Austin's class was going on a Field Trip so Jackson needed a place to stay! So we asked Mama and Papaw if they would mind watching Jackson for us. After a lot of begging and pleading they eventually gave in....HA... there was no begging!! They jumped at the chance to take him in! We got him all set up and after a little play time he was ready for some cereal and bed.

Jackson said he liked this bed the best! He would act like he was going to crawl off the other side and just before he would get to the edge Papaw would pull him back. After a few times he would stop at about the same place and look back over his shoulder as if to say "are you giong to pull me back?"

All set up in the back room and ready to go!

Papaw was nervous that he might cry when we left so "Operation distract Jackson" was put into place. They were back to Mama's room to play on the bed again!!

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