Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Austin got some really cool vampire teeth-- I think he likes these more than the candy

Our Halloween Treat-- Kerri came home for the weekend-- Jackson became quite attached to the strings on her hoodie-- he slobbered them up really good before she and Jonathan left the party.

Jackson (excuse me Yoda) and Aunt Leisa hung out a lot during the party

Here is Austin with some of the girls from school

Halloween night we spent the evening with Nancy and Larry Miles. "Aunt" Nancy has thrown a big Halloween bash for the last several years and it is always the place to be. We all gather at the house for some yummy food, delicious soups and yummy treats. After a quick bite, all of the kids head out into the neighborhood and do a little trick or treating. After all of the candy has been found we always go visit Aunt Leisa's sister and brother-in-law and their turtle Tess... this is just about as much of a Halloween tradition for us as costumes and trick or treating. Jackson hung in with the best of them this year. He kept his little Yoda ears on all night long and only took them off when he was having his bottle before taking a quick little nap. We all had a wonderful evening making memories with family and friends.

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