Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Austin Lost A Tooth!!

OK... The usual night time routine had begun... Mom tucks Austin in....calls Dad until he comes in ....remembers to fill up his water cup (which he does not ever drink out of but he feels the need to refill it every night)...then comes up with some other reason to call us back in there and then he asks for one of us to lay down with him for a little while, just five minutes, four, three... just one minute? So, he has finally settled in for the night and I went to my computer and Scott went to his to get some work done....then out of the dark he comes running into the living room in a voice on the verge of slight hysteria saying "I lost my tooth, I lost my TOOTH" So we ran to the bathroom and washed out his mouth for a while and then he was back off to bed...dreaming of how much he thought the tooth fairy might bring! I am sure he is planning what he is going to spend it on as well!
We didn't even know he had a loose tooth... he lost the one right next to it a while back and it is just now starting to come back in. Until they come in he has one great big hole in his mouth!

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