Sunday, October 26, 2008

Here He Comes......And There He Goes

Scott surprised Austin on Saturday with a go cart!! They have been talking about it for about a year now but Scott did not want to fork out the money for a new one so he put the word out that he was looking for one. Uncle Jeff has a friend that was going to sell one that was their son's, so we went to check it out. Austin did not know until we got there and casually said when we drove up "Hey...they have a go kart, cool." Scott asked him if he wanted to drive it and Austin hopped on! He didn't get to drive very much because of their two BIG dogs that Austin was petrified of. One dog would chase him and bite the front tire and then the other one would run up and try to bite the first dog! Austin would just stop and look at them, he didn't know what to do. So Scott asked him if he would like to take it home with him and he said "Yes" with a BIG smile on his face. We headed on over to Mamma and Papa's house and let him loose. He had a BLAST! He rode around the back yard and made him a little track and rode around it again and again. Scott even got the 4 wheeler out for a while but then Austin thought he wanted to race so Scott parked it and made him slow it down a little. He had a ball all afternoon!!

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