Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Little Smarty Pants

Our little Einstein hard at work

This time I am talking brains not mouth! Today Austin got into the car with a piece of paper in his hand and a cheesy grin. It was report card day! I asked if he had opened it yet and he said "no" so I told him to hand it over. He declined and said he would like to look at it first. So he did, as he began reading off the grades I held my breath...there were a couple of subjects that were borderline at our last progress report... but in the end we had all A's! One nine weeks down-- three more to go. He asked if I thought his report card deserved an award. I said that might be considered. He immediately asked if we could go to Sonic for a milkshake. I figured that would work! So off we were for milkshakes to reward good grades. His name will be in the paper in the next few days. Small towns put everything in the paper...better not do anything you would be ashamed of around here!!

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