Saturday, August 30, 2008

Waaarrr Eagle HEY!

Football season has arrived and we took the boys to Auburn to kick off the season. We headed down on Saturday morning to spend the long holiday weekend with Kerri. Everyone was dressed in Orange and Blue for the big game. Scott and Austin along with Aunt Leisa, Uncle Rick and all Rick's family headed to Jordan-Hare for the kick off! Jackson and I stayed back and hung out at Kerri's for this one...which was a good thing because Jackson slept the afternoon away and would have missed the first quarter! When we arrived Kerri had gotten the boys new Auburn shirts and Jackson got a new stroller! We decided to try it on for size. Looks like a perfect fit! Jackson would not look at the camera while laying on the floor because he was too busy watching the game that was on TV. If Scott can figure out how to get the pictures off of his phone I'll post Austin rolling Toomer's Corner for the first time. He thought that was GREAT!! Everyone had a blast at the game and Auburn kicked off their season with a win! Go Tigers!!

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