Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Toys!!!

Last night while Scott and Austin went to Cave Springs Cave, Jackson and I spent a little time shopping! He's still young.. can't tell me "No...please don't make me go!" We found this new little toy... his name is Petey the Peacock. I wish you could have heard him try to talk to his new toy. He was really trying to have a big conversation with him. He wants to talk soooo bad! I have a feeling his is going to be like Austin.. learn to talk early and then he won't ever be quiet!
We also pulled down Austin's Exersaucer.. he doesn't quite know what to do with it just yet but I think before long he will be spinning around and bouncing up and down!!! We are going to get our 4 month portrait made in the morning and then we go for our 4 month check up on Wednesday. Stay tuned for the 4 month stats! Scott said he thinks he weighs 22 lbs. We'll just have to see.

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