Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Four Months Old Today!!!

Boy-- How time flies!! Four months have already gone by and it just seems like yesterday we couldn't wait for you to arrive. Summer is over and Austin is back in school. Jackson is changing every day. We took him to Gil Brady Photography yesterday to have his first formal portrait made. He was such a good boy-- I am afraid that I am going to have a hard time deciding which ones to buy! We will go to see Dr. Parmer tomorrow for our four month check up. We'll see how much we have gained and see how much longer we have grown. Jackson is learning to do new things everyday. He is learning how to grab onto toys and put them in his mouth-- everything goes to his mouth! Last night at dinner, after he tried to put Scott's napkin in his mouth he went on to try to get the place mat and then went on to try for his plate! We are all having so much fun. Austin likes to get Jackson up when he gets up for school and talk to him while I am fixing Jackson's bottle. Austin is so good to play with him and talk to him and Jackson things that Austin is the funniest thing around.

We'll be sure to post the stats tomorrow from our visit with Dr. Parmer!

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