Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I woke up to wonderful goodies
from my three little men!

Beautiful Roses and a Balloon from Scott

I treated Austin to a heart shaped biscuit from 
Chick-fil-A this morning for breakfast

Jackson keeps asking if he can play with my balloon...
I'm happy to share with my littlest Valentine.

Sweet cards for my boys...

My beautiful hot pink roses!!

And a few days ago...I got a  very special delivery...

I was so excited!!!

It's a girly little home for my new camera!!!

Say "Hello" to Missy in Mint

It's awesome!! It has a bunch of little padded dividers that
I can put in there however I want them!  
My new little camera has a new little home and
it's big enough to hold my iPad and lenses and all kinds
of stuff.  My wallet even has a little spot in there...


The little men have their Valentine buckets full of goodies...

Ready and waiting until after school...

Austin has a new tuxedo t-shirt and the
regular gift on an iTunes card...
some M & M's, gum and Pac-Man band-aids.

Jackson has a new John Deere t-shirt that came 
with a new tractor toy,
pretzel Flipz, bathtub toys and a new
Thomas the Tank Engine Spin toothbrush and toothpaste...
(Santa usually always brings us new tooth brushes as well
as the Easter least they are responsible....
give the kids candy and then a way to avoid the cavities...)

We had a nice relaxing evening at home...
Scott grilled us some yummy steaks and then he and I
enjoyed a movie after the kids went to bed.

Perfect all around....

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  1. I remember how you did the sweet Valentines for the boys last year and how that just melted my heart. I was just getting to know you back then. Now I know that it is your nature, your tradition, your pleasure to make the kids feel special for every holiday. I just love that about you! The Band-aids, toothbrushes and toothpaste are a hoot! I'll have to pass that little tidbit along to my son to use with his daughter. That's such a great idea! Congratulations on your new camera (and other stuff!) tote!!!! The color is gorgeous! Scott did a great job with the roses. Hot pink. Grrrrrr!!! ;-) And then steaks on top of that! Maybe I'll freak all the neighbors out by firing up the grill in the billion inches of snow we're supposed to get overnight tonight! How weird would that be to go outside to shovel (although no one will be using a mere little ol' shovel for THIS snow storm!) your driveway and smell charcoal with meat grilling??!?!?! Bwahahahahahaha! My evil plan to get all my neighbors to love me: grill delicious meat on a snowy day! :-) Have a great week, Sandra!!!