Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

This is where I wish I was for New Year's Eve....
sigh...I can hear the ocean now....
It is warm enough outside for us to be at the beach!
The car said it is 67 degrees outside..
weird for the 31st of December...
even in Alabama.

but I am here, with my two little boys, watching movies!
That's as good as the beach...

Scott is still on travel.
This will be the first time we have not been together
on New Year's Eve in
17 years...
although his job is keeping us apart,
we are thankful he has employment!
There are so many in our area that have been laid off after
years of service, so we will make it through this time apart
and be sure to cherish each other a little bit more
when we are all back together!

Until then, I have got to get this house back in order!
The holidays are always so hectic and we seems to just

Scott had asked me to start making a list of
"Honey Do's" for him when his proposal is over...
I plan on taking this opportunity to get us
cleaned out and organized!

So...this is my motto for
I am planning on going room by room.
We are getting ready to do a bedroom shake-up!
We have been looking for new furniture for Austin
which means that Jackson will get his old furniture...
which means....
Boys room clean out and shape up!!!
So maybe if I put it out there that this is my plan...
maybe someone will keep me accountable
and keep asking me...
"How's the organization going?"

So here's to being organized in 2011...
which will hopefully bring
happiness and harmony to our little home!

Best Wishes for a
Happy and Healthy New Year

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