Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa's Village

Tonight we spent the evening at
Santa's Village

I have always wanted to go, but the hustle and bustle of the
holidays always seemed to cause us to miss this.

Since Scott has been out of town the entire month,
I wanted to wait until we could all go as a family.
Tonight was the last night they were open before
Santa had to return to the North Pole to
get ready for his

Here is one of Santa's reindeer resting up for the
long trip back to the North Pole
and then across the globe
to deliver all of the


There were so many fun things to do.
Above is a picture of Jackson, Nana and I decorating a cookie
Mrs. Claus' Kitchen

Jackson decided that he would take a quick
spin in Santa's Sleigh

And try his hand at being a
He might get to try this for real on Christmas Day...
they are giving SNOW
for Christmas Morning!!!
Whoo Hoo!!!!

Scott and Jackson made their way through the
Icicle Maze

Jackson and I stopped to write a letter to the Big Guy himself!
Jackson said he wanted Santa to bring:

"TooTies" aka Cookies
When I asked him if he has been
Naughty or Nice
he quickly replied

with a great big smile...

After we wrote our letter to Santa, we came outside and
Mrs. Claus

This is a horrible picture of me,
but I thought it was really cute of Nana and Mrs. Claus.
Jackson loved Mrs. Claus.
He would just giggle at everything she would say to him.

Look....Jackson and I are a Christmas Tree!

Every 20 minutes down by Santa's house
they would have
Jackson would get so excited every time
he would hear the machines kick on.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!
it was more like clumps of bubbles,
but every time they came on all of the
kids went was a lot of fun to
watch how excited they all got! 

We waited in line to see Santa at his house...
Jackson had his picture and almost left his Paci with Santa...
but decided to take it back in the end.

After a quick trip upstairs to see Santa's bed...
ready for him to rest up for his big night...
we headed way of Costco...
to buy a new TV...
the one downstairs died...
not what I had budgeted for at the holidays!
Oh well... 

We had a really great time...
Even thought it was really cold...

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