Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oink, Oink, Moo Moo...


The food is ready....

The house is decorated with little moo cow spots and some
BIG farm animails!!

Now, when did you say my guests would arrive??

Are those for me??

The Family and Friends have all arrived!!

Singing Happy Birthday to the big
Birthday Boy!!!

And yes, his finger did go into the cake at least twice
while we sang to him...

Yum...Miss Suzanne made me the best smash cake!!
Big cow spots and LOTS of icing!!!!

And Andrea made us the cutest birthday hat to match our birthday outfit
(that is currently covered up
 to prevent all of that black icing from ruining his cute cow outfit)
He kept his hat on for all of about 5 seconds...and then it was time for more cake!!

And then there was a little parting gift
just to say "thanks" for helping
celebrate Jackson's big day!!!

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