Friday, April 23, 2010

Fifth Grade Field Trip

Last Tuesday Miss A loaded up her class and took them to the
Adventure Science Center in Nashville!
The kids had a BLAST!!

The class waited patiently to hear the events that Miss A had
lined up for the day...

Here is Austin using a falshlight that runs on a magnet.

They had a class on Magnets and talked all about the
differnt kinds of magnets and their strengths...
she even put one magnet down
an aluminum pipe and we watched it
fall in slow motion on a camera...
it was the wildest thing.

They had another class on states of matter.
She talked about boiling points and freezing points
and changing from solids to liquids to gasses.
She did some really cool experiments with
Liquid Nitrogen and Austin thought that
was the best part of the day...
until the sheep brain!!!

I don't have a picture...cause I didn't go in there,
but they disected a sheep brain!!!
He absolutely LOVED IT!!!!
He came out telling us all about it.
One little boy in his group didn't care
anything about doing it and the other boy got sick and left.
He was in the zone...

It was a long day but I think fun was had by all!!
We met in the parking lot at school
at 7AM and didn't get home until 7PM!
It was a loooonnngggg day!

Jackson stayed home with
Aunt Leisa and had a
great day!

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