Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Recap

Jackson started his easter weekend out with an Easter Egg Hunt at Stephen and Deena's house.
All of the kids kindergarten age and younger were invited to hunt eggs on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.
The day didn't start out great, it was raining and yucky, but the sun came out and it was a beautiful afternoon!

Jackson was all over the place.  He loves being outstide and they had plenty of room for him to run!!

He was running to get eggs and then running to see where everyone else was running to!  He was a wild man.

He was all about checking out those eggs to see what kind of candy was inside.
Nana and I were checking it out too, you know, just in case there was something in there that he didn't like, or didn't need...

Here is a snap of what the Easter Bunny brought to our house.
New beach towels and outdoor fun toys.
Water Balloons and Bubbles and a little candy too.

Jackson and Austin checking out their baskets.  Jackson was not quite awake yet.  The paci was still holding on tight!!!

Time for a quick snap shot of everyone in their Sunday Best.
I have a silly look on my face because I was trying to say something to get Jackson to look at the camera...well that didn't work!!  Just a goofy looking picture of me!  Oh well,  there is always next year!

Then it was off to Mama and Papa's house for the afternoon.  The kids enjoyed playing outside and hunting eggs.  Jackson didn't care anything about hunting eggs-- he just wanted to ride the 4-wheeler!

Jackson also had fun playing with the old Ford tractor...this was Jeff's when he was little and then Scott played with it...now our boys have both played with it.  Now, that's how toys should be made!  I can't imaging half of the kids toys lasting that long...40 plus years!!!

Here are daddy and Jackson coming in to say hi!  We asked Jackson if he wanted to hunt eggs and he jumped off the 4-wheeler and picked up the egg that was next to him on the ground, handed it to me and immediately turned to Scott for him to pick him up again and all he said was

funny, funny boy!!

We had a wonderful time with our family and Jackson shared some love with the Easter Bunny!!

Until next year!!!

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