Monday, October 19, 2009

Have you ever wondered???

Have you ever wondered if when your kids clothing says "Flame Retardant" if it really is?
Well-- we have the answer....
This is Austin's favorite coat.  He loves this coat.  He asks to wear it the second it cools off here.  We bought it one year (I think when he was in the 2nd grade) before the Christmas Parade so he wouldn't freeze to death.  It has always been too big and thick and cumbersome but he LOVES it. 
Friday afternoon we were getting him all packed and ready for his camping trip and we were bringing out all the warm clothes,  and finding out which ones were too small...the coat was almost there.  I told him we were going to have to start looking for a new coat cause it was on the verge of being too small.  He was a little upset...for some reason he gets really attached to certain peices of clothing.  You would expect that with a girl, but he does...I don't know... just one of those things I guess.  He didn't really want to consider having to look for a new coat....but....

This sealed the deal!!!!

One coat + Camp Heater = New Coat for Austin

Austin had to get up in the night to go to the bathroom and when they got back he said he was cold.  Scott laid his coat over his feet on top of the sleeping bag.  You know they say "Hind sight is 20/20" well, Scott said thinking back that he should have put the coat around his feet inside the sleeping bag but he didn't.  Austin twists and turns in his sleep and kicked it off and onto the heater.  Austin apparantly heard (or felt) it fall onto the floor and saw it hit the heater.  By the time he got Scott awake it had melted and fallen off the heater.
It left a pretty BIG hole in the sleeve of the coat, but it NEVER caught on fire...just melted.  Which I guess if you child was wearing it would not be good but was happy that the thing did not just burst into flames!  Scott said he was impressed that the fluffy lining inside didn't catch fire either.  I guess these people really do know how to make kids clothes!

Other than the coat incident they had a really good time.  Scott said he did not freeze to death so all is well!  This was Austin's last year to go to Cub Haunted and he was pumped to go on the Haunted Hayride and the Haunted Trail.  He had been too scared in the past years to do it, but he said that since this was his last year, he was going to be brave and accept the challenge.  He and Andrew stuck together and did them both!!  He was very proud of himslef.  Scott said he even tried the Rock Climbing Wall.  Austin is not very athletic and this had never appealed to him but in the spirit of "do it while you can" he took it on and made it to the top.
Austin got out of the car a little down because his favorite coat was now trash, but we stopped after church yesterday and found him a new one.  It looks almost like this one except it is blue and gray.  He seems happy.  We also found him a new leather jacket so he thought it was a pretty good shopping trip.

Well I am off to clean out Austin's closet of all the clothes we realzied will no longer fit!!  We just did this in August trying to prepare for school, but he has grown since then and shirts that fit in August, are now too short in the sleeves and are too short in the body as well.  These growing boy...time is just moving way too fast!!!!!
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