Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Johnny Appleseed Day

Kindergarten is in full swing!

The first fun celebration the kids have had 
was to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day.

Johnny came to visit and ready them a story.

He even hung around and had his photo taken with the kids!
He gave each child an apple as a treat.

Jackson kept saying he didn't want an apple because he 
didn't like apples...I think he ate 4 that day along with all
kinds of different apple treats!

The kids had lots of fun making home made applesauce
and it made their classroom smell sooo good!

One of the fun things the kids did was to make a 
Thank You card for Johnny coming to see them.
They made an apple tree out of their hands and then
made apples with their thumb prints and their name
to say "thanks"

They had so much fun dressing up and doing all of the fun
activities that Mrs. Hall had planned for them.

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