Monday, October 28, 2013

All About Jackson


We have been running in a whirlwind around here lately...

Time for a little catch up!

A few weeks ago, it was Jackson's 
All About Me week at school.

The kids get to have a bulletin board in their classroom decorated
all week with photos and things that tell all about them
and then on Friday it's their All About Me Day.
They get to have a special snack and do 
whatever activity they want...
crafts or games...

I had gone the Friday before and set up his board.
We had photos of him as a baby,
Halloween photos, vacation photos,
family photos, birthday photos,
Auburn photos and just having fun photos.

I thought his little board turned out really cute.
All decked out in orange and blue!

We all dressed in Auburn colors for his all about me day
and had lots of fun telling his class all about the pictures we
choose to put on his board.

Jackson's favorite treats are Lemonade Popsicles and
ice cream, so we had both on hand and let the kids choose 
which treat they would like to have. 

Then we were off to do Jackson's favorite thing at school.
Playing on the Playground!

All the kids had fun outside and it was a beautiful day to 
be outside playing!

Scott had been out of town that week and flew back in at lunch and made it
to school just in time to start Jackson's All About Me...
he was so excited to see Scott!

It was a lot of fun and Jackson had fun telling his friends all
about the things that make him special.

At the end of the day, Jackson's treat from Mrs. Hall was
to take home their class mascot, Boomer.

Boomer went every where with us that weekend.
We took photos of all the fun things that he and Jackson did
and wrote in Boomer's special journal that
keeps track of everything that Boomer does with all of the
kids.  It's going to be fun to read all about Boomer's adventures 
at the end of the year.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out
"All About Jackson"

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