Tuesday, August 7, 2012


OK...where did the summer go??
We just got out of school a couple of weeks ago,
and now it is already time to start back?

I am not ready for early mornings...
Nope, not at all.

But as much as I am not looking forward
to the early mornings, I am ready for some 
sort of routine.

Friday is when our routine begins...

So, today we set out of buy all of Austin's school
supplies and get him set up for the year.

While out shopping for supplies,
I decided that I wanted to try and make 
something that I had seen on Pinterest.

I had seen several people make Pencil Vases
and knew it was time to get my craft on...

I grabbed my supplies from the Dollar Store.
Three packs of yellow wooden pencils,
clear glass vase,
my glue gun and some ribbon that I had on hand.

It took about 40 pencils to go all the way around the vase.

I tool my glue gun and ran it down one side of the pencil from the eraser tip
to the end.  I didn't  try to be neat...I figured the more glue the better.

Then I just pressed them into the glass and worked my 
way all around the vase until ever last spot was filled in.

Pretty pencils all in a row.

The inside is not so pretty... gooey glue... 

I also ran a row of glue around the top of the inside of the vase
just to be safe.

Tied a little ribbon around and now it's done!
Ready for some flowers and a cute back to school
tablescape, maybe.

Austin even said
"Wow, That's cool!"
when I was done...
Then he asked what I made it for and when 
I replied a back to school table centerpiece,
he rolled his eyes and walked out of the room.

Gotta love the compliments of a 13 year old boy,
and then the typical reaction of a 13 year old boy...
related to anything girly...
hee hee.

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  1. Bwahahahahahahaha!!! Austin was on board with the whole idea until the truth about its future use surfaced! Typical guy! What a great idea, though! I'll bet Austin won't be rolling his eyes like that if he suddenly has to have a gift for his teacher. That would make a fabulous gift!!! What teacher wouldn't appreciate it? And if you tied it with wire or burlap or something like that, it would be great for a male teacher. You rally "got [your] craft on" in a spectacular way!!! School started for my granddaughter today. Maybe she could use something like this to butter up her new teacher! ;-) I hope school is off to a good start for Austin! Take care!!!