Tuesday, August 28, 2012

18 Years and Counting...

Eighteen year ago,
Scott and I became husband and wife!
(well...yesterday, was the actual day)

We promised to love, honor and cherish,
until death do we part...

And I told Scott that the the last line...
whether he went naturally or I killed him
was yet to be determined!

Just Kidding!

We were talking the other night
about how it did not feel like we have been married
for 18 years.  It sounds like such a long time,
but has felt like time has just flown by.

In eighteen years,
we have moved into an apartment...
into our first home...
in with my parents...
(to build our current home)
and then into our house we built.

We have had 7 different cars
that we have driven between the two of us...

Two beautiful boys
that keep us moving all the time...

One dog that tested the vow...
for better or worse...
she was an awful dog...
but she also made me realize that 
Scott really did love me!

Lots of Vacations,
never ending Honey-do lists,
some times fussing 
and a few good fights...
but in the end,
a whole lot of love
and that is all we need to see us
through just about anything.

Here's to the next 18...
may they be filled with many more wonderful memories

And may the years not pass quite so quickly...


  1. Sandra, What a love story! How beautiful you looked. I love the "till death..." part! YOU ARE SO RIGHT! Happy Anniversary!
    I am a new follower

  2. Isn't it funny how the little things can be the thorn in the side of any relationship, be it marriage or otherwise? The dog was that thorn in this case, but you two weathered the storm. Speaking of storm, are you in the pathway of Isaac? If you are, PLEASE take care of yourselves!!!!! I commend the two of you for sticking to what it takes to make a marriage work. Happy Anniversary, and I wish you many, many more years together...minus the weird dog! :-) P.S. - Such a pretty train on your wedding gown!!!