Thursday, March 15, 2012

What a Beautiful Day!!!

It was amazing outside today!
This entire week actually.
We have been enjoying the sunshine around here
and have to confess that the air conditioner has
already been turned on...
Tuesday night it was 80 degrees in the house...
I couldn't handle it anymore!

Our grass has already started to turn green...
can't wait for the entire lawn to come in.
Our grass is so soft and is like walking on 
green carpet...can't wait to play in the yard with
the kids in bear feet as the sun sets on a long summer day!

Our little hosta's are peeking their little heads out.
I have a feeling that they need to be split this year.
Last year they were massive 
and this year they are coming up like gangbusters!

We chased airplanes across the bright blue sky and 
talked about when we get to ride our
airplane this summer...
I sure hope Jackson still loves airplanes when we have
to make our trip...the thought of 10 hours with him on a plane...
unhappy....scares me a little!

Of course, we also have the other joys of Spring
around as well.  The pine trees in our neighbors yard
look like they have oranges hanging on them,
but it is just pollen...lots and lots of pollen...

But it did not stop us from playing outside today.
It was about 83 degrees out today and the sun was 
shining bright!

I heard something behind the house and looked out to see
some action going on at Joe and Deborah's lot.
We went out to meet Caroline and see what was up.

Large equipment has started moving in
and Jackson was soooo excited to see all of the big
trucks and the bulldozer!

Lots of dirt came in and Jackson really wanted to run
over and climb on that giant pile of dirt!

But as soon as one load was dropped, they were right there
to smooth it our.  We watched 3 of the 4 loads and Jackson
was just as happy as a clam!

We sat and watched most of the action from the back porch
as we enjoyed some lemonade.
I tried to get him to look at me and smile
and this is what I wound up with!
He looked at me and as I said "Smile"
he replied "no"

He's such a boy!

Well, did you get outside and enjoy the warm
sunshine today?
I sure hope it was shining on you!


  1. That house in the 8th photo down...the all brick FABULOUS!!! I want it!!! That's one of the things that I love about the South. You guys (or I suppose I should speak the native language and say "y'all"! :-) have so many beautiful brick houses. They are fewer and farther between here in the Midwest which is really kind of puzzling considering all the tornadoes we get here. Seems to me that a brick house would hold up much better. I could be wrong. Maybe one of those bricks would just fly off and pop you up side the ol' beaner! Oh, well...I still love that house! What kind of grass is that? That's the kind, I think, that I saw in Savannah, GA. It actually turns brown! I thought grass in the South was ALWAYS green! Do you see the silly misconceptions we Yanks have? You need to set us straight! Or maybe it's just me! :-) I haven't seen the heads of my hostas just yet. Usually don't until around the first part of May, but this year may be different given all the unseasonably warm weather we've been having. Everyone is in full sneeze mode with the trees budding, but we don't have pollen ANYTHING like what you showed and described! MY GOODNESS!!! That's surreal!!! You could make a movie about that! I have a tree limb right outside my office window that I can just reach out and touch. I love to watch it progress from bare and brown to the budding stage to full-grown leaves on it. I'm glad Jackson was able to have some fun watching the trucks. That truly is ALL boy!!! Thanks for stopping by last night. I have learned another new word: "Whack-a-doo." LOVE it!!! I have used it twice in a sentence already today! :-) Have a beautiful weekend, Sandra, and try to keep that pollen off of you!

  2. Ha Ha...yes, we understand Ya'll...Wouldn't that be fun if you lived around the corner...oh the trouble we could get into. Our grass is
    Zoysia (pronounced zor-sha) and we love it~ it does die back in the winter, but during the summer it is the most amazing, soft carpet of grass. It is so nice to slip your shoes off and run through it! There are some yards that stay green year round down here, just depends on the type of grass or sod. I told Scott that yesterday I felt like we could literally watch it turn green right before our eyes! Everything is blooming out and the trees are already putting on leaves. The pollen is outrageous right now...our weather men give a pollen rating every night for the weather report and for the last week it has been in the extreme level, ummm duh! We are looking forward to watching some more big trucks behind us...he is all boy! Glad I was able to broaden you vocabulary...if you need any words to describe noises that you car makes, I'm your girl! Scott always laughs at me when I try to describe a car issue and usually have sound effects to go with it!
    Hope you had a great weekend, and are looking forward to a fun filled week ahead!