Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hopping on into Spring

Hop on in...
we are glad you are here.

Things have been hopping around here this week.
We have a visiting preacher this week at Church
and have been out every night this week.
He has been a wonderful speaker and we
have truly enjoyed hearing his lessons.

But, being out every night has meant
eating out every night, so my little table has
not been set very much.

As we get ready to "Spring Forward" this weekend
I thought I would do another "spring" themed table.
Not much has changed...
but I have added a few things from around the house.

The little bunny planter hopped off my kitchen cabinets where
he usually resides to add a fun little to the table

I had found these candle holders at the end of the summer
last year on clearance.  I love the wavy glass and can not wait
to use them on the porch this summer.

I used my same white dishes ...

and my square handled wicker place mats...

I added these cute little bunny salad plates for a touch of 
green.  I love the little bunny in the middle.

My little bunny peeking around the plates to say "hello".

This little bunny has a funny little story that goes with him.
I have been know to be a little selfish from time to time...
especially when it comes to my Mother...
and possibly a former sister-in-law.
My brother had just gotten married not long before my 
 Daddy's Mother passed away.  When she passed away,
my Momma and Daddy packed all of her things up and brought them home.  
 I was still in college and we both were eager to look through the things and keep
a few...I however was not pleased with the fact that
"she" was going through "MY" Grandmother's things...

not my proudest moment...

So, on one weekend when my brother had been home looking through
the many boxes, this little bunny planter popped up.
His wife was a big fan of bunnies and just fell in love...
wrote on the outside of the box that she wanted the white bunny inside.
I don't know why she did not go ahead an take it then...
'cause when I read that note, I thought
"I don't think so..."

Needless to say...the bunny came home with me...

Now, my Momma and I have a little laugh over the bunny
and she tells me that she's glad I was a selfish...
"she" didn't stay around very long, but we are glad
that my Grandmother's bunny did...

I think he looks pretty cute sitting in the middle of the table.

I grabbed some pale green napkins tried
a quick little napkin fold...
I'm sure they would look better if 
I had used an iron on them,
but then I would have...well...
had to actually pull out the iron.
Not my favorite thing to do.

You can see step by step how to fold your napkin like this
and many other creative ways at
She has all of her tablescapes posted here
and there are many different tutorials on napkin folding
there as well.  Here is how I folded the napkin above.

Thanks for Hopping by to see what we have been up to.
We are ready to hop on into the weekend and get a few 
things crossed off the  Spring Cleaning list.
It seems to be growing every day.

Hop on over to 
and see all of the other lovely tablescapes this week.


  1. I love your bunny's hard when someone passes and you see their things going to people who you know will not treasure them...Glad you kept it in the family for you to pass down to yours...

  2. I love the bunny! Love the green too! Thanks for sharing Joann come and follow me back

  3. This is a beautiful Spring table, Sandra! The colors are fresh and makes me think of the way it smells outside in Spring! Now I'm going to get catty: WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT WOMAN DOING GOING THROUGH YOUR GRANDMA'S STUFF BEFORE YOU?!??!?!! YOU should have had first dibs no matter what! I'm glad you got your hair up on your neck and took what was rightfully yours! The nerve of her! OK...done being catty! :-) Thanks for stopping by my place earlier. I was out all morning and most of the afternoon. There is a huge anniversary sale going on at Old Time Pottery, and I just had to go check it out...even if I don't have any money to spend! :-) Have a great weekend with those beautiful boys of yours!

    1. I also, might or might not have done the same thing with a Waterford crystal clock that my mother give to her...but it is sitting in my china cabinet...hee hee hee.

      Sometimes I can be a real brat! But in these two cases it worked out for the best ;=)

  4. You were after all, just a youngster when you did this Bunny Caper, but it does have a happy home and it does bring smiles to everyone's face! You always set such a beautiful table and this one is no exception. Very, very pretty!