Friday, September 13, 2013

Grandparents Day 2013

Today we celebrated Grandparent's Day
at Jackson's school.

Mama and Papa came over and had lunch with Jackson...
Austin is too big for Grandparent lunch...I guess they think that 
High School kids don't want to have lunch with their Grandparent's.

After lunch we headed back to their classroom and listened to a
special song they learned about how special our Grandparents are and then
they sang us their Months of the Year song and also they sang a song
where they have learned to count to 10 in Spanish.

After the performance they had a special gift for their Grandparents 
with a sweet poem and their hand prints on it.

This was a cute little poster they had hanging outside their door 
about all of the fun things they do with their Grandparents.

Today was lots of fun and we were so happy that 
Mama and Papa could come and share this special
day with Jackson.  We sure missed Nana and Grandpa being here...

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