Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fabulous to be FIVE

first of all I have to say...
How in the word is Jackson 5 already???
It really just seems like yesterday that we 
brought this little bundle of joy home from the hospital.

He is just growing and growing more every day...
All signed up to start Kindergarten in August
(sniff, sniff)

A birthday is not complete without balloons around the house.

Jackson was having lots of fun with
Uncle Jeff...this was a shot of Jackson getting
a pony ride...and Uncle Jeff getting his lower
body work out...lifting that 40 lbs. with you calves is 
not an easy task!

Then it was time to have some cake!
Jackson has never like having "Happy Birthday" sung to him.
Every time he acts very shy and turns his head away.
We had a little cake for Jackson...we call it his "Spit Cake".
He's too big for a smash cake, but have you ever watched a 
small child blow out their candles??? the spit cake has become a regular at our house.
Clean cake for the adults and spit cake for Jackson.

Here was the cake for our guests...
Jackson wanted a Fire Truck cake.
It was delicious!

The happy little birthday boy and his Nana.

Jackson loved eating his yummy cake from Suzanne's.

Caleb, Jackson and Carolyn...
These friends have helped Jackson
celebrate his birthday every year...

I decided to loose my mind it would be fun to have
a Pinata... I did this once with Austin and it 
ended with three adult men trying to beat the thing open
with a 9 Iron to get it joke!

But we tried it again and the kids tried and tried to
get it open and it was beginning to look like a 
repeat of Austin's...

But then we called in the Big Guns!
Jason stepped up to the plate to try a swing at it...
he carefully lined up his target....

And made complete contact!

He was able to knock a hole in the side,
but all of the toys and candy didn't fall out.

Which left it open enough that the little ones could hit 
and watch the candy fall out!
They were all so excited.

Then it was time to enjoy the beautiful day outside.
One of Jackson's birthday presents was a kite.
There was just enough wind to get it to fly a little.

Jackson was so cute watching his kite and concentrating on keeping 
it up in the air.

It was a wonderful day with family and friends
helping our little one turn

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