Sunday, October 16, 2011

Proud Mommy Moment....

Athens Bible School "Trobotics, Inc"

Six weeks ago, this group of young men and women
decided to take on a challenge.
They signed up to participate in the 
Tennessee Valley's B.E.S.T Robotics Competition.

B.E.S.T stands for Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology.
These kids were given a box full of parts and motors and sent
away with a task.  They had six weeks to build a robot
that would be used in a "game" that would be against
several other schools in our area.

For six long weeks, they spent two nights a week and 
all day on Saturdays working towards their goal.

And there is more than just the task of building the robot.
They were involved in community outreach, fundraising,
and marketing, not to mention the building, programming,
CAD drawing, and testing that had to go along with it all.
And their regular school work too!

They even got up early one morning, on a school day
and were on the Morning Show with Jamie and Gloria Cooper!
I mean, out the door by 5:30, on the air, grabbed some breakfast,
and then went to school, early!

They spent countless hours working on their Robot 

making sure it was just right...

And on Saturday, October 15th they put it to the test!

The "game" field where there were different objectives that
the teams had to try and get their robot to accomplish. 
 Different tasks were worth different points...
the harder the task, the more it was worth.

Soon, the gym was packed!
There were bands playing, kids cheering,
and music cranked up LOUD! 
And it was ON...they competed from around 11 until about 4...
and then it was time for the results...

There are many different awards given at the competition...
but we took home
First Place in Marketing Presentation
First Place in Website Development
Third Place in T-Shirt Design
Third Place Most Robust Robot
(means it didn't break down very much)
And Craig Adams, our Sponsor, was awarded the 
Toyota Teacher Leadership Award
This award is given to the teacher who best inspires 
leadership, teamwork, respect for humanity and continuous improvement
in their school's program.

And...Third Place Overall in the B.E.S.T competition
which earned them a chance to compete at 
the Regional Competition to be held at Auburn University
in December!!!

I was so excited for them...
they have all worked so hard and it paid off...

Now, on to Auburn!

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