Monday, June 29, 2009

"Hi There"

Slowly day by day we are starting to hear little words that we can understand. Back at Christmas Jackson would say Mama, Dada and even Austin. But it was almost like once he learned to say them there was no need to say them anymore. He kept saying Mama but would only say Dada on occasion and didn't say Austin anymore. He has continued to jabber the entire time and will look at you like you should know what he is saying. But now the words are coming! When the phone rings he will say "Hey" and sometimes will even say "Bye-bye". This weekend he would say "Hi there" to everyone who walked by. Yesterday at lunch I thought he was going to break his neck every time our waiter walked by trying to tell him "Hi There!" Then our waiter tried to get him to say "Ho la" -- we were having Mexican. Jackson would just stare at him and say "Hi there"

He is also starting to make some animal sounds. We apparently have a bird nest outside his window and in the morning you can hear him saying "chirp chirp" and when the neighbors dogs bark he'll bark along with them. He played with some of his cousins dinosaurs a couple of weeks ago and he will give a big "roarrrrr" when you ask him what a dinosaur says. We almost have down pat that a frog says "ribbit" but for some reason we'll only say that in the tub (sometimes).

Jackson and I are alone this morning. Austin spent the night with his cousin last night and they are planning on going swimming today and then to the movies this afternoon. He was really excited. Jackson and I are just hanging out and catching up on laundry from last week. I am going to start laying out our things to pack for out trip. It's going to be here before we know it and I don't want to have to be in a rush. Two weeks away from home, with a baby, I want to make sure I have everything I am going to need, within reason...8 people in a Suburban won't leave a whole lot of room for extras. However, Scott is a packing GENIUS! So I have a lot of faith in my super Hubby that he can get it all in and still have room for us!

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