Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Perfect Saturday

Today was almost a perfect day... read on to see why just almost!

We started out with Scott and Austin going to see Mr. Carwile on the square to get a hair cut at the Barber Shop, this has become a Saturday ritual for them every month or so. They go and get breakfast and head to the barber shop to get their hair cut. Austin really enjoys this time with his Dad. When they got home, Scott said that there was going to be a Veteran's Day parade downtown and wanted to know if I thought we could get ready and go. Jackson was taking a nap, so I jumped in the shower and got ready to go. We scooped up Jackson when it was time to walk out the door and headed downtown for Jackson's first parade. Being a small town it was a very small parade but Austin enjoyed it and Jackson looked like he was having fun too.

Here was the Grand Marshall of the Parade. Did you know that Athens has one of the oldest living survivors from Pearl Harbor? Me neither. Pretty Cool huh! Austin learned a lot from Mr. Crawile at the barber shop about several of the wars that have made out country what it is today.

After the parade we ran in the grocery store real quick and grabbed some ribs and a chicken and Scott put them on the smoker when we got home. Yum... dinner is cookin' and I'm not! Perfect.

Scott and Austin spent their afternoon playing wall ball... new favorite game, however I don't know how long my kitchen window will last?!? They also rode the go kart and played a little basketball. It was absolutely a beautiful fall afternoon.

And to end our perfect Saturday... LSU almost beat Alabama! That would have just been the icing on the cake.

It was a great Saturday!

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